Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trade Post

This won't be a typical trade post. My scanner is down, so I wont be able to share all the cards I have recently received in trades. Like many collectors, I have cut back on my spending recently and only bought a small amount of Topps series one, especially when comparing it to last year. If Topps releases new value boxes this year that might change. Meanwhile I have been focusing on finishing some of my set projects, specifically 87', 88' and 89' Topps and 2011 Topps Kimball Minis and Heritage. Some card shop purchases have helped, but mostly generous trades have helped me nearly complete these sets. A quick thanks goes out to:

Sam at the Daily Dimwit:
In exchange for some unused Golden Giveaway codes and Astros Sam sent me 32 Kimball minis from series one and two. Now I just need to knock out the ones from Update.

Ryan at Ryan's Pitch:
Ryan sent some 88' Topps and Oriole team set needs, the highlight being a UD Masterpiece Erik Bedard jersey card. I have never opened any UD Masterpieces, but I must say these relic cards are really nice with the dark bordered frame.

The next trade came from fellow Orioles fan, Ryan at Great Orioles Autograph Project:
He sent over some Orioles he had posted as trade bait along with Kimball minis and a few Heritage and O Pee Chee. The highlight was a Heritage chrome markakis from 2009.

Ted at Crinkly Wrappers:
Ted is probably the blogger I have traded with most. In exchange for Topps 2012 colored parallels he sent some 1988 Topps, Kimball minis and the new 2012 Topps 87' minis. The highlight of the package was a bunch of O's team needs from 2011.

Last but no least is Charles at Life Time Topps Project:
I helped fill in some holes in his life time Topps sets and in return he sent a large stack of 88' and 89 Topps. I have not catalogued my cards yet but with this trade and the others I should have all but a few cards for these two sets. The highlight of group was team set needs from 85' and 86' Topps. Charles, I will have more base and insert cards available for you when you get to 97',98' and 99' Topps.

Thanks again for the trades!

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  1. Sounds good - Let's link up again in the future. It may be a little bit before I get to 97-99, but I'll get there!

    Thanks for the trade!