Thursday, November 10, 2011

Card Set Spotlight: 1992 Upper Deck Fanfest

1992 Upper Deck Baseball All-Star Fan Fest Factory Set
As previously mentioned in past posts, I have a hard time resisting those Fairfield 100 card jumbo packs. Besides some quality vintage cards I have found, one of the reasons, is my adoration for oddball sets and these packs and other various Fairfield repack products are full of cards from odd ball issues of the 1980's and 90's. Many times I discover sets I was unaware existed or have never seen before and is a good way to add them to my collection.

 Today I picked up one while shopping and found two cards from 1992 UD fanfest. This set was produced for the 92' All Star game and Fanfest in San Deigo. My pack yielded Delino DeShields and Royce Clayton, both part of the Future Heroes subset. The 54 card set was broken up into three parts, Future Heroes (1-10), featuring rookies UD felt would make future all star games. The second subset was active All Stars (11-44), featuring all stars of the early nineties and lastly All star Heroes (45-54), featuring ten legends of the past.

1992 Upper Deck (UD) All-Star FanFest #4 Delino DeShields  - Montreal Expos   (Baseball Cards) NM

The checklist of this small set is very strong, all the superstars from the nineties are represented and ten legends that include, Ted Williams and Brooks Robinson. Design wise the cards are average. They are not overly attractive, though with the full bleed photos they have the potential, but also it is not a ugly set. The design is very simple, utilizing metallic ink for the player names and logo with thick border grounding the image to the bottom of the card. Exluding the bottom border and Fan Fest logo the set has a very 97' Pinnacle Zenith feel to it. Besides the All star game these cards were also sold to collectors through the Home Shopping Club. A harder to find Gold foil set was also produced and one of these sets could be found per each sixty set case.

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