Friday, July 1, 2011


The card featured in this post, I redeemed on the Topps Diamond Giveaway site. At first glance, the card is a common from the 1961 issue. I didn't think much of it since I'm not a fan of the 61' design and decided I would use it as possible vintage trade bait on the the site. Then recently someone offered me a 1959 Topps for my Stallard rookie. I was a little surprised, but a few traders on the site will offer a older card for a card they really want and I assumed he was a Red Sox collector. So I almost completed the trade until my curiosity got the best of me and I did a quick wikipedia search of the pitcher.

Surprisingly, this card features a history lesson in MLB. It turns out Tracy Stallard is best known for giving up Roger Maris's 61st home run in the last game of the 1961 season against the Yankees. In the fourth inning, Stallard fell behind Maris 2-0 and threw a fastball that Maris blasted into the seats. I'm not sure if the trader knew who Stallard was, I wasn't aware of the name and Stallard had a pretty undistinguished career, except for this historic moment. Stallard himself was even quoted afterwards saying he was glad Maris hit the home run off him, otherwise his name would have been forgotten in baseball. Sadly, for most collectors today it has.

Vintage cards are a great piece of baseballs history and a card that represents a historic event like the one above can be obtained rather cheaply, and would make a nice addition to anyone's collection whether you are a beginner or experienced collector. Now my 1961 common has a lot more meaning to me and this card will evebtually become a part of my permanent collection.

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  1. I stuck the Maris/Stallard moment in a post on my '59 blog. It's a cool clip with Phil Rizzuto's call.