Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some thoughts on 2011 Allen and Ginter

I went to Target yesterday after work to see if they had received any Allen and Ginter early and sure enough they had a gravity feeder and rack packs. It looked like they stocked their shelves with the product on Monday because the gravity feeder was already disheveled and picked through and there were only a few rack packs and no blasters. So I grabbed a rack pack and two loose packs to sample until I can find some blasters.

Overall I really enjoyed opening the packs. Allen and Ginter is always a fun product to open because of the wide variety of subjects and inserts you may find in your pack. The base cards are nicer in person with the extra color and border in the design. There looks like there may be more horizontal action cards in the base set, than last year, since I pulled a hand full from my three packs. I apologize for no scans here but everyone will be bombarded with these images soon enough in the next few days.

As far as the inserts, I didn't pull any hits. I really wanted to buy two blasters to get a better sampling of the different mini's and inserts, but my packs yielded two "Uninvited Guests" minis. I also pulled a "Minds that Made the Future" insert of Leonardo da Vinci. This insert set is not in mini form but the size of a regular card and replaced the "Hometown Heroes" card in the pack. I pulled a Allen and Ginter back mini and two "Hometown Heroes" cards to round out the inserts. I really like the design of the "Hometown Heroes" insert set but was disappointed no Orioles are listed on the checklist.

My lone Orioles for my pc from this break is currently demoted double A Zach Britton. I also pulled a code breaker promo card. I'm not even going to attempt the Ginter code. I'm not very good at that sort of thing and don't have any time if I were to devote to it. Since everyone will have the product soon I will email you the clue on the back of the card, leave me a comment if you are interested.

Overall this is another solid release and I like the base design and some of the mini insert sets better than last year. I will be collecting any Orioles and the Floating Fortresses, World's Most Mysterious Figures and Minds that Made the Future.

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