Monday, August 15, 2011

Topps Stickers

I was in the card isle at Target picking up some packs of Topps for my nephews birthday when I saw the new Topps stickers had been released. Baseball sticker albums, just like 1987 Topps, take me back to my childhood. I can remember going to K-Mart or the grocery store and buying the sticker album and packets of stickers in the late 1980's. I think 1990 was the last year Topps produced sticker albums and this probably coincided with my waning interest in stickers as I focused more on baseball cards and the insert craze that would take hold of the hobby in a few short years.

Although now, I no longer have my old sticker books, they were probably thrown away during spring cleaning chores, I wish I had held on to them. So today I picked up a album and some packs for my nephew to start his own album and I did the same for myself. I have not had a chance yet to open the packs or go through the album, but I plan on starting my album this weekend.

The sticker set consists of 294 stickers of MLB players including nine legends, printed on foil and 15 dual team logo stickers. The stickers have a nice, simplistic design and the Album has full page color photos of one player for each team. Brian Matusz is pictured for the Orioles. Eight stickers are included in the album to get collectors started. The album retails for $1.99 and the eight stickers packs sell for $0.99, making this small collection very affordable for kids. I am excited to see this type of product back on retail shelves as this is a great product for kids and even adult collectors who also may not have kept their childhood sticker albums.

Shown above are a Babe Ruth Legends subset and a regular base sticker of Albert Pujols.

My posting has been very non existent the last month, and will probably be very sporadic in the coming weeks due to work. That said, my want lists and trade lists are still being updated regularly and I' am still completing trades, I just don't have a lot of time to write.


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  2. Now I can pick up a pack or two of stickers for myself when I grab some Tinkerbell or Disney Princess stickers for my little girl! I may have to stop by Target tonight to see if they are out in my area.