Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick Trade Post

I proposed a trade with No ones going to read this blog. Jeremy has posted his 2011 Topps want list and I was able to send him a large stack of cards he needed. I have bought a fair share of Topps this year and since I'm not building the set I still have alot of 2011 Topps to trade if anyone is trying to finsish off the first series.

In return I recieved a bunch of new Orioles for my collection. I have scanned my favorite cards from the stack.

I haven't bought any Obak, so the Grich is my first card, but I do like it enough that I want to complete the Orioles team set. The A@G minis are the highlight here and I like the horizontal design on the Roberts card. Brian has only played in a few games this Spring, due to his re acurring back issues. Hopefully he gets better or can manage the problem before the start of the season, last years O's fans witnessed first hand how valuable he is to the team.

He also sent some Turkey Red inserts from the 2009 Topps set. How many times has Topps made Turkey Red cards as a stand alone set or insert set the last few years?
The Frank and Brooks Robinson "Bird Belters" reprint is from this years set while the Brooks Robinson is a card your mom threw out from last years release. I also recieved another Donruss Highlights card of Cal Ripken I didn't have. Thanks for the cards Jeremey. 

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