Thursday, April 14, 2011

Topps Allen and Ginter

Topps Allen and Ginter is one of the most popular brands in the hobby. It's broad appeal reaches all segments of the hobby and the inclusion of stars from other sports, actors, places and historical figures, bring interest from people who usually do not collect or buy baseball cards. For me, I like the historical subjects depicted in the sets and of course the minis. The minis are always well done, and in my opinion, look better than the base cards.

I started thinking about makes these sets so collectible because I am looking foward to the 2011 release this summer. I like that Topps made a change to the design and think it was needed for the fifth installment to keep it fresh. I like the look of the design and think it will translate well on the minis.

I also have observed alot of 2010 Allen and Ginter still on the shelf at my local Target. This store still has a few blasters, one box and there was a gravity feeder half full of packs. Im kind of suprised of how much unopened product is still available with the next release a little more than three months away. Has anyone else noticed this in their local Targets? Topps really must have let the presses roll last year. Older years of Allen and Ginter are hard to find. The only other packs of Allen and Ginter I have seen in retail stores are in repack boxes and it is always the 2009 issue. Did Strausburg mania influence Topps to produce more product than anticapated? If so, I hope this occurence was for only one year and Topps does't overproduce it's most popular and collectible brand.

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