Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trade with Nomo's Sushi Platter

I recently completed a trade with Michael at Nomo's Sushi Platter. Michael collects the Dodgers and also has several player collections including Ryan Braun and Ichiro. I sent him a bunch of Dodgers and and pc needs he did not have in exchange for some 2009 OPC and 1989 Topps needs for my set building projects. The following cards are some of my favorites from the package he sent.

The Topps Kimball mini of Clayton Kershaw helps knock off a need from my set.

These are the first Topps National Chicle cards in my collection. These cards are really hit and miss. I have seen some cards that I really like the illustration and then seen others that leave me scratching my head as to what the artist vision was. Though overall, I do like the set, my goal is to complete the Baltimore team set. This is a product that has dried up in retail outlets and hobby boxes can be found on the online retailer sites for seventy to eighty dollars. This surprised me a bit considering the length of time the set has been out and the criticism it received in the hobby, the three guaranteed hits per box may have something to do with the price.

This card is from 2010 Upper Deck Series One, another set I did not purchase any packs of when it was released last year. The O's dropped their sixth straight game today. The better hitters on the team are really struggling, Vladimir Guerrero is currently leading the team with a .260 average. Markakis is currently batting .220 with two home runs and six RBI. These players need to start producing runs to support the young pitching staff or it is once again going to be a long season.

The presentation of this set is better executed than its 2010 brethren, The hat less players, though a nod to the original, were to numerous in the most recent set.

After a tumultuous career with the O's, Ray is currently with the Seattle Mariner organization. The 2010 Upper Deck set is very plain, which is to be expected from a unlicensed issue. This card hides the team logos a lot better than other cards I have seen from the set. This ends the trade post for today. A big thanks to Michael for the cards.

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed what I sent. I have broken some boxes so check out my blog soon for the trade bait.