Sunday, May 29, 2011

1991 Score Dream Team: Doug Jones

This card today comes from my original childhood collection, and was issued by Score during the height of over production. By 1991, I was really into collecting baseball cards, after acquiring my first cards in 1987. Topps was my favorite, but I also bought packs of the other brands as well. My original collection is really a hodge podge, mostly consisting of junk wax. I didn't really have any direction or goal. Since I relied on my parents or my allowance, I didn't have the money to build sets. I just bought pack of cards when ever I had the chance. Although, Score is a brand I probably have the least amount of cards from, compared to the other brands like 1991 Fleer, where I bought too much.

Score's Dream Team is definitely my favorite subset from the junk wax era. These cards were found in Score's sets from 1990 to 1993 and usually featured black and white photos. This card is one of the more unique ones created by Score. Doug is featured staring into a fiery baseball that he is holding. I'm not really sure what the point of the picture is since the back of the card states, Doug has a average fastball. A quick Wikipedia search also confirms this revealing, he had a two seam fastball that peaked in the low to mid 80's. Doug found success in the closer role as a change up specialist and was known for keeping hitters off balance with extremely slow pitches. So I'm really not sure what the photographer was going for, but it is still a cool looking card. What I find more impressive then the ball is Doug's mustache. That is one very thick mustache, He looks like he could be a character from the Major League movies. The execution of some of these cards is hit and miss, not every Dream Team card could create a stir in the hobby like the Bo Jackson in shoulder pads.

Seeing how popular Brian Wilson's beard is today, I think another closer should revive the Doug Jones mustache.

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